Rome, bribes to the Office amnesty to remedy the abuses: six arrests to the Municipality


They had set up a parallel office which, commissioned and illegally, managed the building amnesty practices of the Municipality of Rome. Or rather: he manipulated them with “an embroidery”, on behalf of customers willing to stretch bundles and who, in return, would have saved mountains of money. And now, with charges ranging from bribery to fraud, to scam, six people have ended up under house arrest. One is an official from the Capitol, Marco Ursini, a longtime employee of the amnesty office, later seconded to another section, but who, thanks to the experience gained, has continued to deal with parallel practices. He was the one to organize the cheating, according to the prosecutor. He was one of the creators of a “widespread and widespread corruption system” – underlines the investigating magistrate – which in recent years has ended up costing the municipal coffers dear, given that many procedures have been blocked, or slowed down, with consequent failure to collect due. The current director of the Office, heard by investigators, has in fact spoken of an “out of control” situation and lost revenue of more than 56 million euros.

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Mondo di Mezzo, Buzzi on Radio Radicale: «I financed these pimps and after arrest they said” Rome freed “»

The cover-up
When he had discovered the checks of the carabinieri in the office, Ursini had tried to cover up the evidence against him, the judge points out: he had moved dossiers en masse and had also tried to erase his computer’s hard disk. The employees of the company Resources for Rome – contracted by the Municipality for the management of the amnesties -, Daniela Lazzari, Ottavio Santilli, Sandro Alia, Marco Martone and also the surveyor Fabrizio Donatiello also ended up at home. But it is only the beginning: there are 84 suspects in all. A number that also includes other Capitoline employees and officers – 24 from the Municipality and 19 from Resources for Rome – and, above all, some of the customers who would have benefited from the favored service. By now, say the intercepted suspects, the system functioned as a consolidated “company”. The investigations, conducted by the carabinieri of the Compagnia Roma Eur and coordinated by the prosecutor Nadia Plastina, began in 2016. And they were prompted by the complaint of a carabiniere on leave, General Antonio Apostolo, who had been hired at Risorse per Roma as administrative supervisor on the amnesty proceedings. “I am proud of him – commented the mayor Virginia Raggi – in addition to the rotten apples there is a world of straight back workers”.

Stalking, wiretapping, bedbugs placed in the cars and offices of the suspects have allowed investigators to reconstruct an alarming cross-section. A system that, for years, has contributed to digging a chasm in the municipal coffers and has engulfed the already very slow bureaucracy of the Capitol. Many regular practices would in fact have slowed down to allow those – illegal – of “customers” to travel on a preferential lane. Among the beneficiaries there were acquaintances of the suspects, but also VIPs from the capital, willing to pay thousands of euros to obtain an illegal amnesty: from the entrepreneurs Antonio and Daniele Pulcini to the builder Fabrizio Amore – already involved in an investigation related to that on the World di Mezzo -, who would deal with the affairs of the Roman clinics of the Garofalo family, up to renowned restaurateurs, such as the owner of “Checco dello Scapicollo”, in the Eur area, very popular with actors and footballers. Yesterday the carabinieri also confiscated 455 thousand euros on the account of some suspects. To adjust the procedures with falsified appraisals, an “embroidery” was needed, says Ursini intercepted. The aim was to direct the bureaucratic process towards a favorable result, or to remedy overt violations and regularize illegal properties. In the order, the investigating judge Claudio Carini uses heavy words: he speaks of a “systematic” activity and of “alarming facts for the consolidated habit that expresses the pervasiveness that characterizes them”. Attitudes that, for the judge, “are symptomatic of the strong propensity and ease, of the callidity and navigated experience of all the protagonists in adjusting public practices and procedures”. The wiretaps are many. One is quite eloquent: “We solved brilliantly with an embroidery – says Ursini – we invented a letter”. And again: “You have to be, as they say from the point of view of the Rome prosecutor, experts of evil to conceive such a thing, a perverse mind”. Words to which her partner Cristiana Berardi, who is also under investigation, replies: “Ah, so very good, this thing is in jail.” According to the prosecutor, Berardi is an important link in the chain: she is also an employee of Roma Capitale in the Condoni section, and would be for the group a “bank within the Office”.

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