Roma restart from Pedro: two-year contract


ROME – The low cost market continues even without Petrachi, which has been effectively depleted. There Rome she made sure Pedro. The agreement with the Spaniard is armored, a two-year contract with an option for the third at 3.5 million per season. Taxation is facilitated for the growth decree. An advantage for everyone. Fonseca he telephoned the attacker (which Deputy Dzeko can also do), ensuring that the commitment will be respected. So the club will do everything to confirm Mkhitaryan is Smalling and take a reserve center forward instead of Kalinic. Point. Baldini he will be the director of this strategy, he is the one who keeps in contact with the English clubs, who exploits personal friendships with Arsenal and Manchester United to redeem the two players on loan and woo Vertonghen, released.

The incoming market of the Rome it runs out of essential needs, then we will have to give in, make capital gains, collect. To sell the company will rely on the closest prosecutors, Giuffrida is Busardo, while Raiola he has excellent relationships with Petrachi and we need to understand how he will position himself. Raiola has Kluivert, that with Under he is the most “strategic” player on the supply market. The Turkish is assisted by Ramadani, with which Rome has never had an easy life. Baldini is now focused in particular on the redemption of Smalling, a priority for Fonseca. The defender has expressed his willingness to stay with Roma and his agents are working to satisfy him. The solution could be an interest-bearing loan with a redemption obligation, set at 18 million.

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