Rogo Thyssenkrupp, granted semi-freedom to the two German managers convicted of the death of the 7 workers. Family members: “It is not possible”


The German prosecutor’s office Essen authorized a scheme of day release for Harald Espenhahn is Gerald Priegnitz, the two managers of Thyssenkrupp deemed jointly responsible for the fire that the December 6, 2007 caused the death of 7 workers to turin, for which they were definitively sentenced to 5 years jailed for murder is culpable fire. It gives news Radio Cologne, transmission in Italian of the German broadcaster wdr, who quotes the prosecutor Anette Milk: “The two convicts are expected to serve their sentences with the so-called ‘offener Vollzug‘” Says the prosecutor. “Which means they are being held in a penitentiary, but they can leave it every day to go to to work and they must come back in the evening“He explains. Within a month the execution of the sentence should start for both.

The two German managers will not do so just one day full prison, but they will be able to work. “There will chain in Rome. We will go to Essen. We will do something. They have to tell us How is it possible this thing ”, is the first comment of Rosina Platì, mother of one of the seven victims of the stake at the Thyssenkrupp in Turin in 2007. “Tonight – continues the woman – we wanted to celebrate, but somehow we felt that news of this kind would come. Now enough: they must explain to us what happened ”. “They played too much with us – he concludes Rosina Platì – is we don’t trust more than anyone. ” Instead, Antonio Boccuzzi, the worker, is said to be “stunned” survivor the fire in which seven colleagues died. “They have yet to invent an adjective to express the sensations that I am trying now. The news is as unexpected as it is shameful“Is his comment.

The communication on the granting of semi-freedom has arrived today at general power of attorney of Turin. The provision provides that convicts spend the night in jail and that they work outside during the day. Social security facilities are also contemplated within the institution of punishment. Last week the attorney general, Francesco Saluzzo, had assured that the execution of the sentence “will be in prison”, after asking Eurojust. At the end of May, the spokeswoman for the Essen prosecutor had always informed Radio Cologne that the two managers had asked for a prison measure similar to day release on the basis of their employment contract with ThyssenKrupp: a request that according to the magistrate Saluzzo was to be rejected and which instead was accepted. Semi-liberty can be granted in the presence of three requirements: absence of the danger of committing crimes by the same nature, absence of danger of escape, absence of relapse.

The two managers of the steel giant were definitively sentenced on May 13, 2016 for manslaughter, arson and omissions of accident prevention measures. The investigation highlighted the serious gaps of the safety of the plant, which was being disposed of for the transfer of the plants to Terni. Harald Espenhahn, former managing director of ThyssenKrupp Acciai Speciali, had obtained a penalty in Italy 9 years and 8 months. TO Gerald Priegnitz, a senior executive, had been sentenced to 6 years and 10 months. Unlike their Italian colleagues, who entered prison the day after the verdict of the Supreme Court, it was necessary for the Germans to start the procedures so that they could serve their sentence in German prisons. A decision that arrived only at the beginning of 2020, after many passages between courthouses, ministries and embassies. On January 23, 2020 theHigh court of Hamm had recognized the effectiveness of the sentence of the Turin Court of Appeal in 2015 and for the two managers the prison doors seemed to open. Then the coronavirus slowed down the procedure and in the meantime the request for theoffener Vollzug, the day release.

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