Rocco Casalino, that’s how much he earns. Spokesman? No, better salary than the premier – Libero Quotidiano


How much you earn Rocco Casalino? The answer to the fateful question tries to give it Guglielmo Sano for Political thermometer, at least “as far as we know” given that the curtain of confidentiality around the prime minister’s spokesman is very thick. On the street the former competitor of the Big Brother 1 he has done a lot, since he is now more than just an institutional press officer, but almost the strategist of Giuseppe Conte.

Therefore, it is logical that his services are adequately paid: “Based on the remuneration of the collaborators announced by Palazzo Chigi – remembers Political Thermometer -, Casalino perceives 169.556,86 euro per year“To be precise, at the base salary of 91,696.86 euros they add “59.500 euros of accessory fees is 18,360 euros of allowance“. The good Rocco is therefore better paid not only than a member of parliament, but also of Conte. The jokes of power.

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