Rocco Casalino and Luca Bizzarri’s arrow during Conte’s live broadcast. Twitter split


Luca Bizzarri's tweet during Conte's speech
Luca Bizzarri’s tweet during Conte’s speech
Rome, June 4, 2020 – It is not new in the press conferences by Giuseppe Conte. The shot of Rocco Casalino, spokesman for the premier, is a regular appointment for the latest speeches by the Prime Minister. At least since the live shows are held outdoors at Palazzo Chigi. And also yesterday, while Conte outlined the plan for the Phase 3, the watershed of the management of the Coronavirus pandemic in Italy, the presence of the former Big Brother competitor on video has not escaped the majority.

But there is someone, like the host of Quelli che il Calcio (and ex ‘Iena’) Luca Bizzarri that has gone further. And he went so far as to attack Conte’s spin doctor directly with a vitriolic tweet. “But this shot, which I tell you because it’s my job – writes Bizzarri on the social network – is specifically designed to bring Casalino into the frame (it’s all unbalanced, why? Did he ask it?) Does not make everything sensationally but sensationally , ridiculous? “. The attack immediately triggered Twitter’s reaction, between irony and arrows towards Casalino. But there are also those who disagree with the conductor. “The shot is made for the four arches to enter,” someone points out. “This time it’s forced,” says another. “He is the prime minister’s spokesman, not a passerby. There is nothing ridiculous about it,” says another.

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