Roberto Burioni, “the virologist’s golden consultancy: 33 thousand euros from Ferrari”. He: “Enough with the TV, I’m going back to the classroom”


The gold consultations of the virologist Roberto Burioni ended up in the sights of the weekly L’Espresso, granted by the well-known professor, without breaking any law or code of ethics, with the Lifenet Healthcare, the srl “focused on outpatient and hospital activities” controlled through another company, Invin srl, from Nicola Bedin, former CEO of San Raffaele hospital in the post-Don Verzè phase. Tim signed a 200 thousand euro contractcustomers include Imab Group, Pellegrini, Aci Sport, Philip Morris and Tecnogym, the Sapio Group, Vibram but also companies such as Gucci.

150 thousand euros from Snam: “If inside Snam someone hypothesizes a possible conflict of interest (Bedin from consultant will become president of the company in a few days) Lifenet has signed a contract of similar values ​​also with Marelli, the multinational company specialized in products and systems for the automotive industry “, explains L’Espresso. How to space desks, comply with hygiene rules from Covid, how to stagger employee entrances, indications on the fundamental rules in this historical moment. “The srl deals with the commercial part, I am only one of their consultants. How much do I take? It is reserved“, Comments Burioni to the weekly directed by Marco Damilano which lets you know that the scientist has cashed from Ferrari 33 thousand euros.

The virologist, in recent months a permanent guest at Che tempo che fa, replies from the pages of the Corriere della Sera: “Honestly, I wasn’t expecting an attack like this from the Espresso. On the consultations I say a simple thing: who should help the restart of a country if not an expert on these issues? If Ferrari asks me for help, should I say no? I believe it is a duty to help out. And a professional must be paid, because otherwise it’s about exploitation. They accused me of speculating on the pandemic even when my latest book came out, Virus, although everyone knew that the proceeds would go in search. ”

Burioni also announces its media break: “I go back to my real classroom, the university one and I will be in press silence at least until autumn. On TV and in the newspapers I said what I had to. Now for a while I won’t go to the media. I would rather write a university text, dedicate myself to my students: I missed them. Too much TV? I’m not a presidentialist. In the last Agcom monitoring in the darkest period, from March 1 to April 30, I didn’t even enter the top ten more present in the public debate. I have understood many things in these months. A TV room like the one that offered me a great professional like Fazio was an important gym and I am honestly very rewarding. But the language of TV is not that of science. His times are not those of science. We are misrepresented, exposed to the risk of saying things never said. They attributed everything to me. But let me say one thing: today politics asks us for certainties but when, just a few months ago, we said that vaccines are indispensable, a certain politics mocked us and winked at the conspiracy theorists. In Italy they forgive you everything, but not popularity“.

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