Robbery in Castillejo, stop two bandits with an 80 thousand euro watch


The men were arrested in a service area in the province of Arezzo shortly after the description made at the police station by the footballer, who at 18 yesterday in the center of Milan had been threatened with a gun

They were 400 km away from the 24-hour robbery. Two 30-year-old Italian men were arrested in Bettolle, in a service area in the province of Arezzo on the A1 highway, on charges of being the robbers who stole Milan from Samu Castillejo yesterday at around 6 pm , with the threat of a gun, a watch worth 80 thousand euros. They were found today by the Arezzo traffic police shortly after the description that Castillejo himself had just provided at the police headquarters in the afternoon today.

The description

The two men had with them a watch with the same characteristics as the one stolen from the Milan player, who had immediately made the episode known via social media but which only today showed up to file a complaint. To the agents of the mobile team he explained the dynamics of the robbery that took place yesterday in Piazza Principessa Clotilde in Milan, by two men – one of whom armed with a gun – then escaped on two different scooters. Castillejo was still in the Questura offices when a photo of the watch found for comparison arrived from the Arezzo patrol, activated by the precise description made by the Spanish and inserted in the information channels of the Police: the mobile team immediately ordered a search in a Brugherio’s apartment which is believed to be the den of robbers.

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