Rivers of drugs from Rome to Sardinia, in handcuffs the two gang leaders


They managed drug trafficking between Lazio and Sardinia

The Carabinieri of the R.O.S. – together with the colleagues of the Territorial Weapon – have implemented a Precautionary Measure in prison issued by the investigating magistrate of the Court of Rome and requested by the Capitoline Anti-Mafia District Directorate against two people who, following a complex and prolonged investigative activity launched in the autumn 2014 and which had seen 39 people reported were considered at the top of a criminal organization that had dealt with the trafficking of large quantities of drugs from Lazio to Sardinia and in particular to areas with a greater tourist influx such as the Costa Smeralda, the Gallura and Baronia.

Fabio De Tommasi, Roman, and Maurizio Gentile, Sicilian, both 58 years old, ended up in handcuffs. Now they are in prison.

They are accused of having been promoters and organizers of an association that had dominated the important trading square consisting of the Roman quarters of Monte Mario, Primavalle and Trionfale, with joints that had also covered the areas of Vallesanta, Boccea and the Roman coast, more precisely between the Municipalities of Fiumicino, Ladispoli and Cerveteri.

The Military of the R.O.S. they reconstructed the organization chart of the gang, which had also made use of the collaboration of some minor figures, arrested in flagrante for the imports of individual drug loads.

The investigations were conducted both with the help of wiretapping and with stalking and have developed more in the capital and on the north-east coast of the island.

On several occasions seizures of large quantities of narcotic drugs were carried out (about 10 kilos of cocaine and over 5 kilos of hashish), of some illegal firearms (two pistols with the serial number abraded), of large sums of money ( several thousand euros in cash) and some premises (storage places such as garages and cellars attributable to unsuspected people) that had been used as logistic bases from which to organize and conduct the various illicit trades.

In some cases, the loads of drugs destined for Sardinia had been entrusted to young women or elderly people considered unsuspected.

The drug was imported from abroad, through the contacts that De Tommasi and Gentile had established with criminal organizations in Montenegro and Spain.

Investigations revealed that one of the arrested was directly involved in the purchase of 140 kilograms of pure cocaine, part of a load of 560 kilos which had however been lost in the waters in front of the Spanish city of Denia (Province of Alicante) and subsequently he had been kidnapped by the men of the Cuerpo Nacional de Policia.

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