Revenue Agency: in 5 years you can halve tax evasion – Economy


“I believe that if it manages to close the perimeter of technological innovation, data interoperability, the transmission of this data, the enhancement of this information heritage by the financial administration, protecting all the rights of citizens, Parliament and the Government can accept a challenge of halving tax evasion within a term, or in five years. ” So the director of the Revenue Agency, Ernesto Maria Ruffini, in hearing in the Finance Committee in the Chamber, answering the questions of the deputies.

“Positive effects are attributable to electronic invoicing, which amount to around € 3.5 billion. In particular, the revenue relating to VAT attributable to spontaneous payments of taxpayers has been estimated at around € 2 billion, this emergence has repercussions on direct taxes for a little more, it is estimated, of half a billion euros, as regards the actions to combat tax fraud, in 2019 a number of subjects was identified, just over 200 companies and entities, blocking offsets for one billion of Euro”.

“So far, around 900,000 applications have arrived, just over half of which relate to individuals.” Thus the director of the Revenue Agency, Ernesto Maria Ruffini, with regard to the non-refundable contributions foreseen by the Raising Decree, in the hearing in the Finance Committee in the Chamber. “We will respect the deadlines for the disbursements of contributions that the law provides,” he says.


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