Return to school, 80 thousand additional substitutes possible in September until 30 June. Ranking requirements


Return to school in September: the Minister’s goal is to have students regularly in the classroom and teachers in the chair already at the beginning of the lessons. To structure a new school model, it may be necessary to hire more substitutes.

A additional staff about 10 -15% more, therefore about 70-80 thousand alternates with contracts until 30 June.

They will mainly be used to organize lessons in kindergarten, primary and secondary school.

If the reduction of the lesson up to 4 minutes and mixed forms between didactic in the presence and at distance could be sufficient measures to guarantee the same teacher with small groups of students at the second grade, the situation is more complicated to manage in the other segments of school.

N.B. At the moment no decision has been taken in a decisive way, we think about the possible hypotheses.

Substitutes from provincial institute rankings

Rankings from which to draw, in fact there is no shortage. In the coming weeks, the reopening and updating of the second and third grade school rankings is expected.

Requirements for access to school rankings

The qualification for access to the second level is the teaching qualification for the required competition class.

For infancy and primary (2nd bracket)

  • Degree in Primary Education Sciences
  • Master’s Degree or Socio-Psycho-Pedagogical High School Diploma or Experimental Diploma with a linguistic orientation achieved within the school year 2001-2002

For secondary school: qualification certificate

For insertions in the third band

The qualification for access to the third band is a degree (with any ECTS required for access to the competition class + 24 ECTS in psycho-pedagogical disciplines and teaching methods referred to in Ministerial Decree 616/2017). for ITPs see Institute rankings, ordinary competition, TFA support: ITPs must have 24 ECTS?

How to check which class of competition gives access to your degree

Presidential Decree 19/2016 and DM 259/2017

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