Return to class on September 14th. Here are the rules, from tampons to masks. What happens in case of contagion


June 26, 2020 – 10:38 pm

The final plan presented. A software for the principals. The knot of shifts and public transport. But the problem remains the spaces. The principals: no to Serie A and Serie B schools

of Gianna Fregonara

The rules for reopening schools on 14 September are transformed by the two days of confrontation-clash with the regions: it is difficult to say now if the school will be more modern and inclusive, as Prime Minister Conte hopes. With the rules imposed by the emergency, there is no space – explains Minister Azzolina – to keep 15 percent of students in class, that is, 1 million and two hundred thousand children and young people. It takes two months to find it. The Regions and Municipalities will have to think about it together with the principals. But from today you can start working. The Ministry of Education has made available a software, called a computer dashboard, which will help them in recognizing the critical issues, that is, to establish where there are too many students in relation to the space

June 26, 2020 | 22:38


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