Resident Evil Village will not be released on PS4 and Xbox One for technical reasons –


Resident Evil Village will not come out on PS4 is Xbox One for technical reasons: the insider Dusk Golem, who had correctly anticipated the announcement of the game, explained on Twitter the reasons for this choice.

“I would like to clarify the reasons why Capcom has decided to publish Resident Evil 8 only on next-gen platforms, when the project was originally cross-gen, “wrote Dusk Golem a few hours after the announcement of the game during the PS5 presentation event.

“Due to the substantial technical improvement that the developers are bringing to the project, and which has yet to fully express its potential, Resident Evil Village had major problems with Pop-up and uploading textures to current generation consoles. ”

“The uploads are necessary in the game because you move within the entire Village and there are several points for rapid travel. Given the greater focus on exploration, this would have revealed several critical issues on PS4 and Xbox One and it was holding back the authors from making bold choices for certain sequences. ”

“For this reason they decided to cancel the last-gen versions of the game, eliminating the problem of uploads as well as any technical limitations related to the old hardware and at the same time pushing the graphics sector to new levels. “

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