Resident Evil, Capcom is preparing to celebrate the series’ 25th anniversary


For some time now, various rumors have been circulating on the net about the eighth chapter of Resident Evil, whose market debut may have been postponed, and the remake of Resident Evil 4 by the study M-Two, already responsible for carrying out the remake of the third episode released this year.

Apparently, Capcom seems to be working on preparations to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the popular series in the near future. In fact, in 2021 exactly twenty-five years will have passed since the debut of the first game on Sony Playstation and therefore it will be the ideal opportunity to release its new products.

On a new page that appeared on the Japanese company’s licensing site, it was reported that Capcom is currently looking for new partners to commemorate the occasion and offer more content during the year.

We are looking for licensees, focused on the 25th anniversary of the Resident Evil series (March 2021) and on the development of products based on the latest Resident Evil 3. We are looking forward to planning campaigns and objects that exploit the Resident worldview Evil.ยป

Recall that we have recently reported that a new announcement regarding the saga, probably the presentation of the much talked about Resident Evil 8, should be imminent, so much so that it could only be 10 days.

For the moment, obviously, we just have to wait for further updates in this regard.

Source: Gaming Bolt

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