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The amount disbursed can go up to a maximum of 1,200 euros (2,000 euros for healthcare professionals). Applications must be sent by following the instructions on the INPS website. As Prime Minister Conte explained, the structures will also open the doors to children of nursery age, that is, from 0 to 3 years

Summer centers will start in almost all of Italy on June 15 which, as Prime Minister Conte announced yesterday, will also be aimed at children of nursery age, that is, from 0 to 3 years (WHICH FUTURE FOR NESTS: GALLERY). But what are the facilities available for taking part? The amount provided by INPS available for a family unit reaches a maximum of 1,200 euros (2,000 euros in the case of health workers), to be used during the school closing period. Here are all the details (THE UPDATES ON THE CORONAVIRUS LIVE – THE MEASURES OF THE FAMILY ACT – THE DPCM OF 11 JUNE).

Who is entitled to the bonus


Bonus babysitting, how it works and how to apply

The bonuses for enrolling in summer camps are aimed at:

– private sector employees;

– registered exclusively to the separate Management (referred to in Article 2, paragraph 26, of the law of 8 August 1995, no. 335);

– self-employed persons registered with INPS;

– self-employed persons registered in the professional funds (subject to notification by the respective social security funds of the number of beneficiaries).

The bonus, reads on the INPS website, also belongs to “employees of the accredited public and private health sector, alternatively to the specific leave they are already enjoying, belonging to the following categories:

– doctors;

– nurses;

– biomedical laboratory technicians;

– medical radiology technicians;

– social and health workers.

The personnel of the security, defense and public rescue sector employed for the needs related to the Coronavirus emergency were also involved.

How to apply


Family act, Cdm approves: leave, universal child allowance. MEASURES

The measures apply only to the year 2020. The bonus for enrolling in summer camps is up to the overall maximum limit for the family of 1,200 euros, but in the presence of multiple children under the age of 12, it can also be requested for all children (always to an extent not exceeding 1,200 euros overall). In the case of employees of the accredited public and private health sector, the overall maximum limit then rises to 2 thousand euros. It is paid by INPS through the Family Booklet with credit on a bank or post office account, credit on a booklet, prepaid card with IBAN or bank transfer at the post office, according to the method that is indicated when applying. The request can be submitted online through the dedicated service. Or, again, through the Contact center indicated on the INPS website or through patronage bodies, with the telematic services they offer free of charge.

How it came to the bonus for summer camps


Reopening kindergartens, an uncertain future: what we know so far

As explained by the INPS website, for the year 2020, starting from March 5, the Cura Italia decree has provided for specific parental leave for a continuous or split period, however not exceeding a total of 15 days, for children aged not exceeding 12 years. As an alternative to parental leave, however, the possibility of choosing a bonus for baby-sitting services was also provided. But from 19 May 2020, the relaunch decree has changed the discipline of the baby-sitting bonus by introducing, alternatively, the bonus for proven registration in summer centers and supplementary services for children for the period from the closure of school educational services as of July 31, 2020.

Call for summer day centers for minors up to 14 years


Mobility, how to claim the bonus for bikes and scooters. PHOTO

Also on the INPS website, details are also given for participation in the 2020 Daytime Summer Centers Call, which is reserved exclusively for minors between 3 and 14 years of age, children or orphans and equivalent to: employees and pensioners of the public administration registered with the Management Unitary credit and social benefits; retired users of the Public Employee Management. “The registration in the beneficiaries database, therefore, is not useful for the allocation of the contribution established in the context of the measures for the containment and management of the epidemiological emergency from Covid-19 (decree-law 19 May 2020, n . 34) “, specifies the Institute. The notice recognizes a contribution, in full or partial coverage, of the expenses incurred for the attendance of a center in Italy from June to September.

What is the call and how to apply

The winners will receive a contribution in whole or in part to cover the cost of participation in the summer center, lasting from a minimum of one week (five days) to a maximum of four weeks (20 days), even if not consecutive. The contribution is recognized on the basis of the ISEE value of the family unit to which it belongs, as a percentage of the lowest amount between the maximum contribution payable, established by the call, and the weekly cost of the summer center. The bonus is incompatible with the performance of INPSieme Summer calls. The application must be submitted electronically to INPS using the “Welfare Questions in one click” service.

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