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FROM THE MAIL TO CODOGNO (LODI). Greetings from the sedan window. Another just went down in front of the town hall. The crowd of the square of Codogno full of tricolors that applauds the President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella. Today the Republic Day is here, in Codogno, the martyred city, that of the first red zone of the epidemic. And the large village of the Bassa enjoys the unprecedented role of capital for a day, excited and somewhat proud.

June 2: Mattarella arrives in Codogno, applause from the square

The President arrived at 11.15, after having laid the laurel wreath at the Altare della Patria. He wanted it, that his first exit from the Quirinale after the acute phase of the epidemic was here. The ceremony takes place in the courtyard of the Town Hall, together with the mayors of the area, the governor Fontana, a few authorities: thirty people in all, to avoid gatherings. The building that makes the corner with the main square is covered by a huge tricolor, almost packed in the Christo style. It starts with a girl who sings the hymn of Mameli, then the speeches, a little understandable emotion.

However, the gathering takes place in the square, also thanks to the Tuesday market. A bit too many people, in fact, but all with the mask and the raised expression of someone who feels like a survivor. At a certain point a woman’s voice rises: “A round of applause to the police!”

Here too Mattarella does not miss his call to unity and in his speech he recalls that “this is a time of commitment that leaves no room for controversy and distinctions. We are all called to work for the country, doing our duty fully, each for his part. ” The tribute to the locality of Lodi is due: “Here in the municipal house of Codogno today – as a few hours ago in Rome at the Altare della Patria – Italy is present of solidarity, civilization, courage. In an ideal continuity in which we celebrate what holds our country together: its moral strength. From here we want to start again. With the greatest hope for the future ».

«An act neither due nor taken for granted», says the Northern League mayor, Francesco Passerini, of the visit by Mattarella, therefore even more significant. “A recognition for our community, for what we have suffered but also for what we have done”, explains Enrica Bianchi behind the banquet of the Civil Protection volunteers, sixty rushed when the epidemic called. “It’s Republic Day, but it’s also the feast of our rebirth.” Italy restarts from Codogno.

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