Report cards Verona-Naples: Maksimovic and Koulibaly, what a wall!


On a difficult field and against a complicated opponent like Verona comes another victory for Gattuso’s Napoli. The Azzurri make the most of the inactive balls with Milik and Lozano: after the Italian Cup the fourth championship victory arrives. Here are the best and worst of the game.


Maksimovic 7

It is regular, almost normal, after two extraordinary games. But when the pressure is felt and Verona throws everyone in, he detaches, dominates and shows that it was certainly not the case in those one hundred and eighty minutes.

Koulibaly 7

The phenomenon has returned and those around him seem small, but small, but small like this. A giant that catches the eye and fills the next Naples market. You can’t play against K2.

Demme 7

He plays an exaggerated number of balls, despite having Verre on him (and clearly a man), who cannot limit him in his functions. It’s not just orderly, it’s a reference that never fades.

Zielinski 7

He has an elegance that kidnaps, splits the lines with the veronica and for little (18 ‘) does not affect with a right that smells like honey or poison, because it depends on where you look at it.

Insigne 7

He prefers to keep his body to go out at a distance, with extensions that cut. And when he can, feeling the condition, he almost finds the intersection (where Silvestri is instead). A captain.


Verre 5

It immediately becomes the shadow of Demme and seems to isolate itself from what is happening around. He is “unfortunate” on Faraoni’s volleys: he seems offside, but surely “the choice of belly” is unfortunate.

Rrahmani 5.5

In his special game there is a void of memory on Milik and also a total dedication on Insigne which, however, does not erase that “stain” that weighs it down. Almost almost makes a goal in the future, then gets his hands on the shoulders by Lozano, on 0-2, and therefore gets lost in the fog.

Kumbulla 5.5

He remains nailed to the grass while Milik peels off and leaves. And in the key moment, then from the corner, he cannot detach himself from the match. What happens next seems almost relative, even if you notice the physical and also the mastery of the role.

Amrabat 5.5

He is forced to “lower” and almost to distort himself. He seems to be afraid to open his zone, because he is aware that Napoli can attack there.

Zaccagni 5.5

A little midfielder, a little shoulder of the “partner” Di Carmine: all in all, it is simply just what little gives. And the flicker on equal terms canceled by the Var is useless.

Gattuso: “I had no good feelings …”

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