Reopenings, from 15 June we return to the cinema and on record (but without dancing) Here are the ordinances of the Regions


Cinemas and theaters

The shows open to the public in theaters, concert halls, cinemas and in other spaces also outdoors are carried out with pre-assigned and spaced seats . The maximum number of spectators for outdoor performances of 1000 and 200 spectators for shows in Closed places, for each single room. Events involving gatherings in closed or open spaces remain suspended e until July 14, activities taking place in dance halls and discos are suspended and similar premises, outdoors or indoors, fairs and conferences.


For the public the rules of the other shows apply. Orchestra teachers will have to keep their distance interpersonal of at least 1 meter; for wind instruments, the minimum interpersonal distance will be 1.5 meters; for the conductor, the minimum distance to the first row of the orchestra must be 2 meters. These distances can only be reduced by resorting to physical barriers, including mobile ones, adequate to prevent contagion by droplet. For the brasses each location must be equipped with a condensate collection tray containing disinfectant liquid. THE components of cgold will have to maintain a lateral interpersonal distance of at least 1 meter and at least 2 meters between the eventual rows of the choir and other subjects present on the stage. Must avoid using promiscuous changing rooms and give preference to the arrival of orchestras in the theater already in a performance suit.

Games and summer camps

In the play areas, access to the spaces must take place under the following conditions:
by children and adolescents of et from 0 to 17 years, with the obligation to accompany by a parent or other responsible adult, where necessary. In summer centersi the minimum recommended numerical ratio between operators, educators or animators and children and adolescents graded in relation to the age of minors:
1) for children from 0 to 5 years, a report of one operator, educator or animator every 5 children is recommended;
2) for children aged 6 to 11, one operator, educator or animator for every 7 children;
3) for teenagers aged 12 to 17 one operator, educator or animator for every 10 teenagers.

Bingo halls and bets

They also leave arcades, betting rooms and bingo rooms in all regions where there is compatibility with the trend of the epidemiological situation.

Festivals and fairs

Also allowed festivals and fairs however maintaining the prohibition of assembly.

The regions

Here is the list of main ordinances divided by Regions in force on Monday 15 June.

LOMBARDY – Until 30 June there is an obligation to wear a mask. Temperature measurement is mandatory for employers and employees, as well as restaurant customers.

VENETO – discos and public venues, festivals, congresses and fairs, game rooms and bingo will reopen from June 19th, and finally the Casin of Venice will reopen from June 19th.

EMILIA ROMAGNA – From 19 June you can go back to dancing, but only in the outdoor spaces. Couple dances between non-cohabiting people are prohibited – visits to guests are allowed in the homes for the elderly (Cra). And it will be possible to organize local festivals and fairs again, as well as ceremonies and similar events. The game rooms and children’s play areas also reopen. It is then established that with a subsequent ordinance the guidelines to be respected for the resumption of the activities of the slot rooms, game rooms, bingo halls and betting rooms will be defined, starting in this case from 19 June.

LATIUM – We go back to discos, but dancing is forbidden

PUGLIA – Discos are open and you can dance outdoors

TUSCANY – Congresses, reunions, meetings, discos with outdoor dancing and ski lifts start again

CAMPANIA -Discos open but dance prohibited from 22 June the obligation to keep masks outdoors falls, remains for closed spaces. LIGURIA From Tuesday 16 June parties and festivals reopen and the casino of Sanremo from 19 June green light to discos

TRENTINO ALTO ADIGE – The obligation to wear masks outdoors falls, which instead remains in force only for public places. The social distance of one meter will no longer be compulsory for “frequent visits”, such as non-cohabiting family members and work colleagues. Gloves are no longer essential in shops, except for hand sanitization at the entrance.

June 14, 2020 (change June 14, 2020 | 1:40 pm)


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