Reopening of the school 1 September, beginning of lessons on 14: Regions clash


Reopening of the school on September 14: this is the date that the Ministry of Education will propose to the Regions, but not all agree.

The Ministry released a note yesterday in which it declared that it proposed to start lessons, and therefore didactic activities in attendance, on Monday 14 September. From day 1, on the other hand, schools can be reopened for learning recovery activities.

The intent of the Ministry remains the return to normal in September and therefore a return to the classroom for everyone, with lessons between the desks. However, the date of September 14 would also be the one requested by the Regions. “We had asked to vote first, on the 6th or the 13th. The choice of the 20th is unhappy, but at this point we then start the lessons before the vote and then we will suspend them where there are seats,” said Cristina Grieco, coordinator of the education commission for the Conference of the Regions. The knot on the reopening of schools is precisely in the next elections: the election day should take place between 20 and 21 September.

The solution, according to Camilla Sgambato, Pd school manager, could be to use other spaces for the elections, for example gazebos, saving the classrooms and at the same time allowing the regular conduct of lessons without interruptions. “We are sure – explained Sgambato – that the government will find the right solution to allow our pupils not to miss further days of lessons. We can’t afford it. ”

Regions do not agree on the date

There are several conflicting opinions among the governors on the date of the 14th. Luca Zaia, President of the Veneto region, sees it as positive: “September 14th could be a nice idea for the opening of schools”, provided that “the government will commit itself to making the elections on the 6th”.

Date rejected by the President of Liguria Giovanni Toti: “No to a resumption of the accordion school activity with openings and closings within a few days. Since the government does not speak to itself – Toti continues – it will propose to close them three days later for the elections on September 20. And then, to reopen them after two days of seats, one of the cards and I do not know how many sanitization, however at least five days in total “. Toti also said he was against the use of masks during lessons: “We cannot force our kids to stay five hours with the mask sitting at the desk.”

The governor of Campania does not go lightly Vincenzo De Luca, who defined the idea of ​​reopening the schools on September 14 as “demential” and then closing them again: “It is intolerable and scandalous that we go in a direction that leads to burning the month of September, or to the demented hypothesis of opening, close, reopen the schools for a choice on the date of the administrative vote that totally ignores the problems of the school world and families “.

For now, nothing certain, except that the Ministry has denied the date of 23, released a few days ago by some media, according to which there would have been the postponement of the beginning of lessons after the election. At the moment the same date indicated for the vote has not been confirmed.

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