Reopening of schools, in class on Wednesday 23 September? Ministry slows down: “Nothing concrete”


When will the schools reopen? The proposal by the Minister of Education, Lucia Azzolina, to open the schools on September 1 has received the no of the regions, which would like to keep the dates already foreseen. The decision has been postponed and the ministry is expected to the first two or even three weeks of September could be dedicated by individual schools to recovery activities.

The fate of Italian students is in fact linked to double that of the administrative elections and perhaps of the referendum. Indeed, according to the latest rumors, political elections should not be held before September 20. The orientation is to get the elections going Sunday 20 September and Monday 21 September: we return to the voting operations in two days to avoid gatherings at the polls given the epidemiological situation.

Therefore, the date of Wednesday 23 September for the start of class lessons may be the right one. The Undersecretary of Education confirms this at the Newspaper, Giuseppe De Cristofaro: “We will reason in the next few hours, but this hypothesis is there. Certainly a date (the election day on 20-21 September) that does not help to reopen the schools the week before and it would not make much sense to close them again after a few days “.

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The problem is real and also poses by the deputy of Italia Viva, Gabriele Toccafondi: “The issue is there and it can be problematic, but the date of September 20 is the best possible: voting on the 6th or 13th meant campaigning under an umbrella while the 27th was too late. There is one good thing: we could extend the recovery courses for high school students with insufficiency from two to three weeks and not only to fill the gaps in distance learning “.

In a note, however, the deputies of Fratelli d’Italia, Carmela Bucalo and Paola Frassinetti, express doubts about the return to class so late: “Doubts and anxieties that invariably fall on families, students, managers, teachers and employees. To aggravate this discomfort, the decree-law 8 April 2020 n. 22, converted into Law on 6 June 2020, which, among other things, states the postponement of the deadlines for the use and provisional assignment, until 20 September 2020. This will result, for all those who are in precarious condition, the taking into service from September 1 at the headquarters, pending the outcome of the new application. All this is unacceptable since it will force thousands of teachers to show up in the old location, it is not known for how long, with the real risk of being transferred to hundreds or thousands of kilometers after a few weeks. Once again, the ministry and the minister have shown a great approximation and absolute indifference towards serious professionals “.

The Ministry of Education: “Baseless hypothesis”

With reference to the possible start dates of the school year 2020/2021 reported by some media, the Ministry of Education specifies that a final decision has not yet been taken on the matter. All the hypotheses currently in circulation are therefore unfounded and premature.

A comparison with the Regions is underway on the definition of the school calendar. Each official news will be communicated, as always, by the Ministry, through its own institutional channels.



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