“Renewal? Premature, but ADL is exceptional and for the prosecutors it is a guarantee. On Gattuso …”


He spoke live on the ‘Punto Nuovo Sport Show’ on Radio Punto Nuovo Vincenzo Pisacane, new agent among others by Lorenzo Insigne: “Lorenzo has always been a silent captain, he is captains when he cares about something and he dotes on Napoli. I am happy with what he is doing, I see him mentally free, calm, serene and eager. Much of this is due to what Gattuso is doing, to the role he has given him. I have been managing Lorenzo recently, what has happened in the past I don’t know. Knowing him for some time, it is the exact opposite of what is often reported. He is a great professional, a boy who does nothing but think about training, nutrition, what he has to do during the week and during the game. That he may be the scapegoat of a mutiny, I think it is impossible. I think it is equally impossible that he had a bad relationship with Ancelotti, he is a golden boy and it is difficult to fight. Of course, if you put a journalist to be a gardener, there is a problem. We all remember the joke in retirement in Dimaro, precisely on the role issue. Each player must play in his natural role, but Ancelotti as a coach cannot be discussed. For that Naples, with those men, at that time, it was not going well.

Gattuso gave the team that emotional charge that was missing, something more in training that perhaps was missing before. I heard the interview after Verona, very sincerely he said it was not an easy game after celebrating a lot for the Italian Cup and against a team that grinds a lot, but Napoli mentally is clear, is fine and has petrol in the legs. Tying the past to your finger? He’s such a good guy that maybe he’ll be hurt right there, but he lets things slide off him. Being part of this world, words should be measured. If on the other side it wasn’t me – who is a thoughtful person – but someone who thought that certain things were real, they could have caught a player under the building and slapped him, thinking they were rowing against. Many newspapers and sites write too many things, but the most beautiful demonstration Lorenzo and the whole team are showing them on the field. Mutiny with Gattuso? There wouldn’t have been. If we agree on something, there must be two of us.

Renewal or offers for Insigne? I don’t like to talk about the market, I like to talk about what it’s doing. I think it’s premature to talk about the contract, it still has a few years.

De Laurentiis? It is not terrible. If I had a company, I would make many debts just to entrust it to Aurelio. As a company I challenge anyone to do what he did in 20, perhaps Atalanta and Udinese who have not gone to various competitions for 10 years. Napoli is exceptionally guided, for us prosecutors it is a kind of safe. With the other clubs you have to fight, send letters from lawyers. One year I forgot to send the invoice to Napoli, they called me to have it and to put the payments in order. It is obvious that as a Neapolitan I would like to win something more than the Italian Cup. Champions League run-up? They believe it, there are still many games available. As long as mathematics does not set barriers, it is right to believe it: the important thing is to look at yourself.

Nikita Contini? Napoli replied spades, he is a player who wants to keep his squad absolutely. He made an extraordinary championship, they would like to keep him in the pink next season. If he has to remain pink to be the third goalkeeper, we will look around. Let’s see if next year there will be the possibility of being among the 15/16 players who can play at Napoli. It’s ’96, being a third goalkeeper is not worth it, being Meret’s second is acceptable. The more a goalkeeper plays, the more he gains experience. “



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