“Rendition”, the United States does not torture?


If there is a historical event that permanently marked our contemporaneity, that was certainly theSeptember 11, 2001. There were many consequences of that attack on the World Trade Center that changed America and the whole world and one of the worst is narrated in the film Gavin HoodIllegal rendition-detention”, Dramatic story of denunciation on the fight against terrorism.

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With “Extraordinary Rendition“Indicates a horrid practice of CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY which allows the kidnapping of foreign citizens residing in the United States, considered dangerous for the security of the nation, to be interrogated in an unconventional way in order to tear with the force of “confessions”.

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This activity is at the heart of the story of “Rendition“. A film that came during a cinematographic era in which the subject was at the center of raw films and (rightly) controversies such as “Lions for lambs“,”In the Elah valley” is “Redacted” of Brian De Palma. Yet that of Hood it is perhaps the title that addresses the issue in a radical way through the story that the engineer sees Anwar el-Ibrahimi (Omar Metwally) kidnapped on charges of having ties to Islamic fundamentalists.

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For every person who
we torture, we create a thousand people who hate us

Rendition“It is not a perfect film and perhaps it never really tackles the controversial topic that moves the whole plot. However, it cannot be denied that the attempt is appreciable and even courageous, considering the delicacy of a still current issue.

Especially if faced in a film product that counts the presence of big names such as Reese Whiterspoon, Jake Gyllenhaal, Alan Arkin it’s a Meryl Streep almost diabolical in its coldness.

Meryl Streep
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Rendition“It does not offer concrete or conciliatory answers because they probably do not exist but it bears the burden of pushing the public to ask questions about the legitimacy of the actions aimed at the” security “of our freedom.

Rendition. PhotoCredit: Web

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