Renault announces 5 billion state-guaranteed loan – Last Hour


(ANSA) – PARIS, JUNE 03 – After the authorization from the authorities
in Paris, Renault announces the implementation of the loan from 5
billions of euros guaranteed by the French state to cope
the unprecedented crisis due to the coronavirus. The
French manufacturer has announced, in particular, the implementation
together with a pool of banks of an opening agreement of
credit for a total of up to 5 billion euros with
state guarantee. An unprecedented initiative to cope
to the unprecedented situation that shakes one of the flowers
at the buttonhole of the French industry. “We accompany Renault
in one of the most serious crises in its history, for this
we must accept that there is a part of restructuring “: lo
said the French secretary of state for the economy, Agnès
Pannier-Runacher, interviewed this morning by radio France
Inter, after the go-ahead of the 5 billion euro loan
guaranteed by the state to the automotive group in crisis.



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