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Crucible continues his crisis, with the Amazon game that it also loses two modes from their gameplay, removed just three weeks after the game was released to allow developers to better focus their efforts.

The Relentless Studios team reported, therefore, that the game modes Harvester Command and Alpha Hunter they will come removed from Crucible, to allow developers to focus more on Heart of the Hives, which has proven to be by far the most popular and most played mode so far.

Beyond the damage caused to the contents of the game with such a maneuver, the issue can be considered worrying because it is not a move that is decided lightly and signals a situation of emergency in which developers must try to try everything to save the savable.

Three weeks after launch, Crucible seems already largely abandoned by gamers, with a very low amount of users registered as active on Steam, despite being a title free-to-play also supported by good marketing. After the peak recorded the day after the launch, the game has practically disappeared from the top 100 of Steam, definitely not a good signal.

In any case, the team is also focusing on player requests, adding voice chat, a function to surrender and a way to manage players who move away from the keyboard, work is also underway to improve frame-rate and matchmaking.

During these works, the game will remain in the phase of Pre-season, with additional updates that are postponed compared to correcting the currently detected problems. To find out more, we refer you to the Crucible review.

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