Relaunch Decree, what changes for adv


It was one of the most anticipated measures to support the recovery of tourism in Italy. The holiday bonus it is now a reality, introduced by the relaunch decree, but some amendments aim to change it.

The first node is the Isee roof of 40 thousand euros, above which you are not entitled to take advantage of the bonus; some of the amendments, in fact, would like to raise this limit, bringing it to 50 thousand or 60 thousand euros.

According to the deputy of Italia Viva Marco Di Maio the tax credit should be extended “to all families who will request it. ” “It serves them – he underlines – and serves, above all, to help our tourism companies and their collaborators”.

Another issue is the threshold of 500 euros per family; among the parties that would like to raise it, explains, there are in particular Lega and Italia Viva; some proposals would increase the value of the bonus, bringing it to a maximum of 600, 800 or 1000 euros.

The supports for adv
But it doesn’t end there. A series of amendments to the dl, in fact, also concerns the support for the tourism supply chain; among the proposals is to ensure that all businesses in the tourism sector have a non-repayable loan for 2020 equal to 20% of the reduction in turnover recorded between April 1 and December 31 of this year compared to the same period last year.

“We then presented an amendment to recognize tourist accommodation facilities tax credit relating tocompany rent to the extent of 50% – adds Marco Di Maio – and, in the case of two contracts, one for the rental of the property and the other for the rental of the company, the tourist structure must be able to benefit from the tax credit for both contracts “.

Travel agents should also be able to benefit from tax credit for property lease payments for non-residential use “to the extent of 80% of the monthly amount of the rent, leasing or concession of non-residential properties intended for carrying out the activity” specifies the deputy.

How the holiday bonus works
But what exactly is the holiday bonus for now? Based on what is reported byRevenue Agency in its illustrative guide to the tax changes introduced by the new government provision, it is a bonus of a maximum value of 500 euros usable for the purchase of services offered by hospitality companies, b & b and farmhouses.

Singles are also entitled to it
The amount of credit depends on the number of components of the family unit; amounts to 500 Euros for families composed of tkings or more people, drops to 300 euros for families of two people and it boils down to 150 euros for compound nuclei by one person.

The bonus can only be used by one person per household, who will have to spend it exclusively on Italian soil, in one solution and for one only tourist accommodation company. It can be used in the amount of 80% in the form of a discount, for the payment of services, while the remaining 20% ​​can be used as a deduction from the entitled person. The discount will be refunded to the supplier in the form of a tax credit that can be used, with no limits on the amount of compensation, or transferable also to credit institutions.

Furthermore, as specifies, not all families can access it, but only those with a Maximum Isee of 40 thousand euros. In the event that, during this year, one of the members of the family has lost their job, or has lost a welfare, social security or indemnity treatment exempt from Irpef, or still has a 25% reduction in income, then it is possible request theIsee current 2020 which photographs the current economic situation of the family.

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