Rekognition: Amazon prohibits police face recognition


Amazon has temporarily banned police from using its Rekognition facial recognition technology. The e-commerce giant has made it known. The moratorium will last for one year. The decision follows two days after a similar announcement by IBM, which spoke of the risk of violations of human rights and privacy and cited research indicating that facial recognition technology is distorted on the basis of age, race and ethnicity. .


Facial recognition and privacy, Google: “Technology developments to be evaluated, rules are needed”

The company does not give a concrete explanation of its choice, merely citing the need for federal regulation: “We are pushing for stricter government regulations on the ethical use of recognition technologies facial and Congress seems ready to take up the challenge. We hope this one-year moratorium will give Congress enough time to implement the appropriate rules and we are ready to provide help if requested. “


Behind IBM: we will no longer give facial recognition software to the police

But the company’s decision to block police use of its recognition software for a year facial it is the result of fear, denounced by activists and civil rights groups, that law enforcement agencies may use technology to identify the people participating in the demonstrations against the agents’ violence, which broke out after the death of George Floyd. However, Amazon has made it known that it will allow Rekognition to be used to monitor work for victims of human trafficking and to find missing children.


MegaFace scandal, thousands of photos fed to artificial intelligence without consent

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