Reggio Calabria, seized fruit and vegetables at the market in Piazza del Popolo and seized cars in Archi without insurance


11 June 2020 18:09

Reggio Calabria: local police checks, reports and seizures

Today morning the local police of Reggio Calabria has put in place two special commercial and road traffic services. In particular, the operational service, under the orders of dr. Giordano has implemented a massive and penetrating control in the market area of ​​Piazza del Popolo, finding numerous violations. Over 150 kg of fruit and vegetables were seized for sale without a license and about 1600 pieces of other non-food goods; withdrawn two revoked authorizations still in the possession of the fallen merchants, and imposed a further 7 penalties for irregular sales and one on anti-covid 19. The seized foodstuffs were donated to charity. The total amount of the contested sanctions was approximately 20,000 euros.

On the road safety and urban decor front, a team of operators of various specialties led by the instructor Venanzio has set up a control service in the Archi district. Over 10 cars without insurance coverage or without identification plates were removed and seized. After the identification of the owners, the sanctions were contested for an amount equal to about 5000 euros. The activities allowed the reclamation of special waste from an area with a high risk of urban decay. In recent days, an additional 4 vehicles had been confiscated because they lacked insurance coverage.

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