Reggio Calabria, “Provvidenza Bis” maxi operation underway: assets seized from the ‘Ndrangheta, there are real estate agencies, offices, garages, shops and homes [NOMI e DETTAGLI]


June 12, 2020 11:42

Operation “providence bis“: Seizure of assets to the ‘Ndrangheta for over 6 million euros

It is ongoing, as part of the operation “PROVIDENCE BIS“Of the ROS, with the competition of the Provincial Carabinieri Command of Reggio Calabria, the execution of the order to seize assets for a value of over 6 and a half million euros, ordered by the Court of Reggio Calabria – Prevention Measures Section, chaired by the President Ornella Pastore, at the request of the local District Anti-Mafia Directorate, directed by the Prosecutor Giovanni Bombardieri, against the heirs of the mafia entrepreneur Teodoro Mazzaferro cl. ’38, died in 2018 at the time when he was charged with the crime of mafia association, with managerial functions, being a leading exponent of the gang of ‘ndrangheta “Piromalli”By Gioia Tauro.

The seized assets are in the province of Reggio Calabria and are the following:

  • 3 companies (the “Ital Immobiliare s.r.l.“, The”Company Real Estate Agency S. Antonio s.r.l.” and the “Teorema s.r.l.“) Active in the real estate sector and operating in the municipalities of gioia tauro and palmi, with an annual turnover of 500 thousand euros;
  • 1 agricultural company active in the municipality of gioia tauro, with an annual turnover of 60 thousand euros;
  • 155 properties (including 13 houses, 36 farmland, 70 building land, 6 deposits, 7 garages, 4 offices, 9 shops, 8 buildings under construction, 1 shed and 1 oil mill) located in the towns of gioia tauro and palmi, with a estimated value of approximately 6 million euros;
  • various financial, insurance and bearer securities reports.

ROS investigations were initiated, by delegation of the Prevention Measures Section of the Prosecutor of the Republic of Reggio Calabria and coordinated by the Substitutes Pantano, D’Ambrosio and De Caria and by the Assistant Prosecutor Gaetano Paci, following the operation “PROVIDENCE“Of the ROS, which took place between January and February 2017, which led to the dislocation of the gang”Piromalli“And the arrest of its top officials, including the aforementioned MAZZAFERRO Teodoro, result directly connected to the PYROMALLI brothers Gioacchino cl. 34, Antonio cl. 39 and Giuseppe cl. 45.

It was thus possible to reconstruct the path of entrepreneurial growth of MAZZAFERRO Teodoro, who since the 1960s has become a prominent exponent of the ‘Ndranghetista consortium operating on the plain of Gioia Tauro, winner of the first mafia conflict that erupted between the 70s and’ 80 and subject of the procedure “DE STEFANO Paolo + 59”, Milestone in the history of the fight against the Calabrian mafia. In this context, thanks to the illicit gains acquired following its participation in 1975 in the contract for the construction of the V Steel Center of Gioia Tauro, subsequently transformed into the current port, MAZZAFERRO had started an innumerable series of real estate investments in the territories of Gioia Tauro and Palmi, with the financial contribution of the PIROMALLI brothers. Thanks to the illicit capital foraged by the “PYROMALS” and to a series of relationships with local administrators, MAZZAFERRO Teodoro had also managed to achieve a long series of real estate subdivisions that over time had allowed him to record millionaire earnings, immediately reinvested, which they had made the most important real estate entrepreneur on the Gioia Tauro plain.

The last investment activity surveyed by MAZZAFERRO was the participation in the urban expansion plan of the city of Gioia Tauro in the area of ​​the local civil hospital, through the subdivision “Theorem“, Whose land had been acquired still agricultural before the definition of the administrative process of conversion into building, guaranteeing itself with subsequent sales of strong speculative gains.

The patrimonial investigation confirmed the absolute predominance of the gang “Piromalli“Which had control of the entire real estate sector of Gioia Tauro, through the real estate companies of MAZZAFERRO Teodoro.

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