Reggina, Menez is here: this is who is the French bought by the Calabrians


The French wing is the first blow of the Calabrians after the promotion. Rome, PSG and rossoneri: total genius with the reputation of bad boy

Bruno Conti made no effort to admit it: “Jeremy is stronger than me, without a shadow of a doubt”. And said by a world champion who was nicknamed MaraZico for the quality of his shots, it has a certain effect. That Jeremy referred to by Conti is Menez, the absolute talent of French football scored in climbing Olympus of football only by the wounds of life. The same Menez who will soon sign a two-year contract with Reggina, with a possible option for the third year. Yes, because the road is now marked and unless sensational twists and turns, Menez will soon be a Reggina player. To better celebrate the return to Serie B of the amaranth club. And to review closely what in France, at the dawn of his career, compared to a certain Zidane …

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