Reggina is in Serie B, go-ahead from the Federal Council: the celebrations begin


Reggina is in Serie B. After six years, the amaranths return to the cadet championship at the height of a triumphal season, stopped only by the health emergency due to Covid-19. The pass for B has arrived today since Federal Council, around 14.00, with the FIGC that after weeks of waiting dissolved the reserve, effectively promoting Reggina, Monza and Vicenza, or the top of the ranking in the three groups.

Amaranths seal like this a wonderful seasonto with staggering numbers: 21 wins, 6 draws, 3 defeats in 30 games played before the stop, with amaranth forward nine points on Bari. And even better attack and better defense of the championship, 11 consecutive victories.

The amaranth journey begins on July 12 with the meeting of “old” and “new” at the Sant’Agata Sports Center which returns to the hands of Reggina after a year, after the top executive Luca Gallo, was awarded the concession of the together with tangible and intangible assets, it structures the registered trademark, the brand and the history of the Reggina football club.

The president’s offer is the only one received by the Bankruptcy Trustee. A deep restyling in just eight days and away with the athletic training supervised by coach Mimmo Toscano and his coaching staff. In front of 5,000 people, in Piazza Duomo, the official presentation of the team and staff who would have played the 2019/20 season is staged on 9 August. It is the beginning of the triumph.

Today the apotheosis. And the words of the mayor Giuseppe Falcomatà and of the regional president of Coni, Maurizio Condipodero also arrived: “A championship led to the great one of our Reggina – commented the mayor – A solid and serious club, a thick technical staff, players who in essence, for the category, they are the optimum. It is a pleasure to see that the work done has resulted in many successes and well-deserved promotion. With this success, we go back a bit to the past: the city will be able to relive very beautiful sporting moments but it will be able to benefit from other supports, especially economic ones, that the C absolutely could not give. I am convinced that the continuation will still be happy and that the landing in A, a category that belongs to us, is not a utopia “.

The return to B after six long years pushes the president of Coni, Maurizio Condipodero to say that «the victory of Reggina is a huge push towards other goals. Years of oblivion and despair that must now be forgotten. This victory is pure energy for the city and for the whole region that is experiencing good moments in football. Just think of the possible return to A of Crotone and the exemplary behavior of the other teams. In short, there is a full of enthusiasm that bodes well for the future.

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