Reggina fans celebrations, the Quaestor Vallone speaks: ‘Fans have been able to keep the distance, just a moment of fibrillation’


8 hours ago

To the microphones of Luigi Palamara the Quaestor of Reggio Calabria Maurizio Vallone made clear about the events on the gatherings of the celebrations of the supporters of Reggina.

“The fans – emphasizes the Questore – have been able to keep the distance. There was only one moment of fibrillation and greater gathering when the two Reggina players arrived. The rest of the day took place in an orderly way, with people with masks and social distancing. Only when the players arrived was there a crowd around them. ”

“The men – he continued – in charge of public order service intervened promptly, dispersed the assembly, identified the people who were to be identified and will be sanctioned”.

So a fine coming for some amaranth footballers and some fans.

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