Regeni: to Italian investigators the documents of the researcher – Politics


The Italian investigators are in possession of the documents of Giulio Regeni, the passport and two university cards, delivered by the Egyptian authorities together with a series of objects which, according to Egyptian investigators, belonged to the researcher seized and killed in Cairo in 2016. The objects were kidnapped to the gang of alleged killers, five common criminals killed in Egypt on March 24 four years ago.

The five were passed by the local authorities as the authors of the murder of Regeni in what for Italian investigators was, however, an attempt to sidetrack. The objects are those shown in some photos after the blitz against the five criminals: in addition to Giulio’s passport and the identification cards of the University of Cambridge and the American University of Cairo also some alleged personal effects such as a red pouch with the Italian shield, some sunglasses (including two women’s models), a cell phone, a piece of hashish, a watch, an ATM and two black purses, one of which with the word Love.


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