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Guy Beahm, aka Dr Disrespect, responds on social media to the mysterious ban received from Twitch, all this while the managers of the streaming portal decide to maintain their positions and take action to provide for the reimbursement of subscribers to the very popular Doc channel.

Addressing his followers directly on Twitter, the popular US streamer has finally chosen to break the media silence following Twitch’s announcement of the ban to share a short message: “Dear Champions Club, Twitch did not inform me of the specific reason behind the decision made … I embrace all those who are supporting me during this difficult moment”.

While the communicative machine of Dr Disrespect seems to be engulfed in the impossibility of determining the real causes that prompted Twitch to ban one of its most popular celebrities permanently, representatives of the Amazon platform move to refund channel subscribers and remove all references to the Doc related, for example, to emoticons.

According to information shared by the editorial staff of Dexerto, the announcement of the round of reimbursements arrived via an email sent to the last Twitch users who decided to subscribe to the Dr Disrespect channel, in which it is communicated that the platform will refund any amount paid to make this registration. Consequently, we do not know if this initiative will extend in the future to also involve long-term subscribers or if further interventions are planned to clarify the reasons for permaban to Doc.

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