Red areas, Bonaccini: “In Emilia we did it at night, then the government was informed”. Case Alzano, military ready and then the choice not to close


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In Emilia-Romagna, a Medicine, “We made the red zone at night, it was a difficult political decision, and then we informed the government that it allowed us to do it.” The president of Emilia-Romagna Stefano Bonaccini, interviewed during the Sole 24 ore “Out of the health emergency” webinar, reconstructed the events that led to the establishment of the red zone in the country of Medicine, in the province of Bologna. The decision was announced on March 15.

Bonaccini also recalled two other restrictive measures, taken by the Region, which date back to the weeks of the peak of the coronavirus emergency: “In mid-March”, he said, “we asked the government to establish two provinces, Rimini and Piacenza, in full as orange areas, almost red, with the heaviest restrictions in my Region, and Red Zone Medicine, because epidemiologists showed me dramatic data. In this way we saved much of the infection which could spread to the metropolitan city of Bologna “.

The case of Medicine and Emilia-Romagna is repeatedly cited in contrast to what happened in Lombardy and in particular in the countries of Nembro and Alzano Lombardo, where the red zone, despite alarming data, was not established. The prosecutor of Bergamo investigates the case and in general on the management of the emergency in Val Seriana and on Friday 12 June the prime minister will be heard as informed about the facts Giuseppe Conte and then the health ministers Roberto Speranza and the Interior Luciana Lamorgese. After reconstructing what happened in the days between 3 and 7 March, also using all the documentation and correspondence collected between the Istituto di Sanità, the central and regional governments, the prosecutors should determine whether it was acts to be pigeonholed in political choices or whether or not there are criminal liability, what the offense hypothesis is, and by whom.

ALZANO AND NEMBRO, THE CHRONOLOGY – In this regard, the reconstructions of public statements give an idea of ​​what happened in the offending weeks. The series begins on February 27, when the Lombardy Welfare Councilor Giulio Gallera he says he was “looking carefully at the Alzano Lombardo area” even if “at the moment”, he said, “there is no hypothesis to introduce new red areas”. The hypothesis becomes concrete on March 3. “We asked the Istituto Superiore di Sanità to make assessments and suggest the best strategies to us and the government,” said the commissioner at a press conference. And just on March 3 the Technical scientific committee he says that the closure of the area would have been necessary. Hence the request for further information from Prime Minister Conte to know if it would have been enough or if all of Lombardy should be closed.

Two days later, the March 5, Silvio Brusaferro, president of the Higher Institute of Health replies that the red zone in Alzano and Nembro must be done. Testifying that we are more than thinking of delimiting the area are the reports of the inhabitants of the area on the arrival of the army and law enforcement. On 5 March, Gallera announced that after the request of the “experts from the Istituto di Sanità”, the Region gave “consent but now the government has to make its assessments“. And he is always the one to burst out the next day “the ISS had made a specific request to the government. If this response had come three days ago, it would have avoided leaving citizens uncertain. ”

Uncertainty ends the8th of March when a decree of the Prime Minister, which comes into force on 9, decides the closure of all Lombardy and 14 provinces. Not in “red zone” mode, but in a less restrictive version, which was renamed “orange zone”. From there the controversy broke out about the failure to establish the red zone in the middle Val Seriana. On April 2, the governor Attilio Fontana, in response to the letter from some mayors, including that of Bergamo Giorgio Gori, on the management of the emergency, explains that “once it was ascertained that the areas of Alzano Lombardo and Nembro”, in the Bergamasco, “were configured as clusters, we asked the government in vain”. “I was asked if the governor of Lombardy could take more restrictive orders and we replied that we didn’t stop doing it – Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte pointed out on 6 April – other governors have done so. the establishment of new Red Zones including those Municipalities “. Now the question is on the Bergamo prosecutors’ table than on this one they have already listened to Fontana and Gallera and tomorrow they will hear the Prime Minister.

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