Reading attack, all three victims were gay


LONDON – The three victims of the attack on Reading park last Saturday were all gay men and LGBT activists. Perhaps, therefore, it would be a terrorist attack with the aggravating circumstance of the homophobic hate crime by the arrested suspect, Khairi Saadallah? There is no certainty about this and the police do not confirm this reading, at least at the moment. But that of the three homosexual victims is the first group of people that the 25-year-old Libyan attacked directly at 19 local last Saturday in the “Forbury Gardens” of the town of Berkshire, aiming firmly towards them. Maybe Saadallah wanted to attack them above all? There is no confirmation. But of course it is a detail that investigators will have to find out soon. Meanwhile, concern in the LGBTQ community.


Khairi, the Libyan young man with mental problems who was already on British counterterrorism radars

The communication of the details of all the victims was completed today. The first formalized by the authorities, already yesterday, had been James Furlong, a 36-year-old history teacher at an elementary school in Wokingham, near Reading, highly esteemed and respected by all his students: “He was a proud man to be homosexual, and he wanted equality for everyone ”, some acquaintances write in an open letter.



The mystery of the Libyan Khairi who terrified Reading

Then, today, the identities of the other two victims of Saadallah’s brutal assault were disclosed: Joe Ritchie-Bennett, 39-year-old American from Philadelphia, residing in the United Kingdom for 15 years, employed in a Dutch pharmaceutical company and dear Furlong’s friend. In 2012 her 32-year-old husband Ian died of cancer in England. And finally, the third victim: David Wails, scientist, also a homosexual, LGBT activist and friend of the other two victims: “He always made everyone smile”, remembers those who knew him deeply moved. Saadallah, suspected of the knife attack on Saturday, remains in prison. He will be questioned again in the next few hours. According to the investigators, he would have acted alone, without support from terrorist cells.

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