RDNA 2 GPUs will arrive first on PC than on PS5 and Xbox Series X


The rumors about the new generation of GPU are full-bodied, although there are still several months to their presentation. In reality it is NVIDIA that is in the spotlight, with many leaks that have described the characteristics of the Ampere video cards, to be taken with pliers of course. However, information is scarce on AMD and RDNA 2 technology, these video cards are covered by absolute secrecy.
The reason is simple: RDNA 2 is the architecture chosen for the new generation consoles and the communication on its characteristics must be managed carefully, because indirectly it also concerns Sony and Microsoft.
A leak could ruin plans to reveal some of the PS5 and Xbox Series X features that have not yet been announced or have not been fully investigated, such as the management of Ray Tracing. But now it seems that at least the GPU launch period has been confirmed and should take place before the arrival of PS5 and Xbox Series X on the market.

Desperately looking for RDNA 2

As reported by Wccftech, during the Bank of America 2020 Securities Global Technology Conference the AMD CFO, David Kumar, spoke about the new generation of GPU, confirming the arrival within the year. Nothing new, the landing of RDNA 2 video cards was planned for this period, but added an important detail: GPUs will be available before the new consoles arrive. Another important detail is the way in which Kumar defined Big Navi, the spearhead of the new range. During the conference he called her a “Halo Product“, or a very high-end product, such as the Ryzen 3950X in the CPU field.
This makes us understand that AMD wants to battle NVIDIA in the enthusiast segment of the market, it does not simply intend to create a very performing product.
In recent months the few rumors about RDNA 2 have focused on competing with the RTX 2080 Ti in terms of performance, the current top of the Turing range. Instead these words suggest the intention to create a GPU that can compete with the future RTX 3080 Ti, which promises to be a real monster of power.

To do this, AMD will use a production process at 7 nm more advanced than that used in the current generation of GPU, which together with the optimizations brought by the new architecture should allow a 50% increase in performance for the same calculation unit.

Another important addition that will come with RDNA 2 is hardware acceleration for Ray Tracing, currently only available on NVIDIA GPUs. In short, it seems that AMD wants to follow the same path made with the Ryzen processors, which have made it finally competitive against Intel, with excellent results in sales.
NVIDIA however seems more ready to bear the pressure of AMD than Intel. With the Ampere architecture and the transition from 12 to 7 nm the performance leap will be significant, we will see if AMD will be able to return to compete in the high end of the market.

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