“Ratzinger returns to the Vatican tomorrow”: the return official arrives


The Pope emeritus Joseph Ratzinger will not stay in Germany. Indeed, the official communication on the return to the Holy See of the former pontiff arrived a little while ago and directly from the same diocese of Regensburg, the one in which Benedict XVI is in these days: the theologian will return to the Vatican tomorrow.

The news is especially relevant because, during these hours, more rumors had emerged on the hypothesis that Joseph Ratzinger had decided not to backtrack in the direction of the Mater Ecclesiae, the place he has chosen since he renounced Peter’s throne to lead a spiritual life. Benedict XVI went to Germany because of the illness of his brother Georg, who this year was unable to participate in the birthday celebrations of Jorge Mario Bergoglio’s predecessor.

Georg has always taken part in the annual anniversary before 2020, with Bavarian songs accompanying a day, that of April 16, which is full of meanings. Much has been said about this trip. The fact that Ratzinger was accompanied by a real team from the Vatican, however, suggested that the return had been widely expected. Following the emeritus is, for example, the deputy commander of the Gendarmerie of the Holy See. And always with Ratzinger, of course, is his special secretary, Monsignor Georg Gaenswein.

In short, no escape from Rome for the first pope emeritus in the history of Rome Catholic church. Ratzinger, who will not therefore act like the Saint from whom he took his name – that Benedict who turned his back on the center of Christianity because of widespread corruption – went to visit his parents’ grave. Where the sister is also buried. A place that he presumably hadn’t seen for years, considering that Benedict XVI hadn’t been flying for years. Also from Regensburg – as underlined byAdnkronos – described Ratzinger as “exhausted”, but “full of joy”. “The one between the two brothers – they did in fact know of the Teutonic land – it is a comforting and moving meeting and the Pope emeritus is exhausted but full of joy “.

The protocol of the visit therefore provided for a deadline for the permanence of the theologian of Tübingen in his homeland. After all, the days spent by Benedict XVI in Germany will only be four. An element that conflicts with the considerations of those who had predicted that Ratzinger could dwell for a long time in that area of ​​the world, without ever residing within the Leonine walls. Ratzinger, who is 93 years old, faced an airplane trip during a historical picture affected by a pandemic. Tomorrow he will take another flight through which he will return to Italy.

It was possible that the one between Joseph and Georg Ratzinger was their last meeting. Regensburg itself had wanted to emphasize this aspect. The sources of the ex Holy Father are traveling around the world: Benedict in recent years has intervened numerous circumstances and also on sensitive theological-doctrinal issues, but he has hardly shown himself in public to the faithful.

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