RAI fee and CAR STAMP: news on the possible abolition


RAI fee and car tax: news on the possible abolition

Certainly no kind of fee it is loved by Italians, although in recent times it has clearly emerged that the most hated taxes are the Rai fee and the car tax. In fact, all users believe that these are undue costs that are now paid annually and monthly.

In recent years there has been a lot of talk about a possible abolition, but apparently everything is only fantasy. In fact, it is necessary to immediately deny what many still believe is possible: the Rai license and the car tax will continue to exist without being abolished. However, everyone does not agree with this decision, such as in the case of the car tax stamp which is nothing more than a tax that affects the ownership of an asset that offers everyone the freedom of movement.

Rai fee and car tax: here’s what you need to know about the two most hated taxes by all Italians

Luigi di Maio, as many will certainly remember, he had repeatedly declared that he wanted to definitively abolish the stamp, for example. After all this, however, the government fell and nothing more was done, leaving the Italians only with many hopes.

There court of cassation he then added something further considering it legitimate that there was an excerpt of the stamps up to € 1000. The latter were then entrusted to the collection agents who were therefore able to confirm the autonomy of the regions. This is because the stamp is a regional tax. Furthermore, both as regards the car tax and the Rai license, it is a question of the government’s earnings respectively 3 billion euros is 1.5 billion euros. How could they recover these figures if not in this way?

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