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The victim of the offenses
Calcinaia, 11 June 2020 – Go out to spend a quiet post-lockdown Sunday evening, have a drink and a chat with a friend and then find yourself being insulted with racist and sexist offenses. The outburst of a 25-year-old girl born and raised in Pontedera with Nigerian origins does not come immediately, but after a few days, the time necessary to recover from the incident and finally be able to condemn what is now.

«As often happens to me last Sunday I went out with a friend to a bar in Calcinaia to have a drink and spend a peaceful evening, as often happens to me: I love spending free time in company” explains Lucia Ekwueme. “During the evening – tells the young woman from Pontese – acquaintances join us and we start talking to them serenely when at another point another boy approaches, I think of my age but that I had never seen, and begins to take strange confidences. Heavy words begin to fly, he offends me as a woman but I answer him in tone, despite the fact that his words are becoming increasingly dirty and vulgar. “But it does not end here.” When he realized that he wasn’t hurting me enough – continues Lucia – he got angry with my skin color and his tone became more and more threatening. At that point I was unable to reply, I was stunned and speechless. I work as a bartender and therefore I am always in contact with people but it has never happened to me to be offended by my origins with so much hatred and malice. Offenses that I haven’t felt for some time, free and unjustified. I remained silent while his friends, embarrassed, were driving him away and he continued to rail against me. Some witnesses present immediately tried to calm me down, but it was not easy and immediate to understand how such things can happen “.

A testimony that leaves you speechless, especially in a historical moment in which the whole world is taking to the streets to condemn what happened in the United States of America after the death of African American George Floyd, recently killed by a police officer, and to condemn the continuing racial injustices. Even in many squares in Italy there have been peaceful demonstrations. This episode, which happened in Valdera, immediately turned the spotlight on cases of racism that also occur in our cities and in our countries and which, for fear or fear of doing so, are not always condemned and reported by the victims.

“We second generation kids, born and raised in Italy, we feel the responsibility to take to the streets to firmly condemn these episodes of racism and unjustified violence – explains a representative of the foreign community in Tuscany, Yassine El Ghlid -. We are organizing with other local associations to make our voice heard also in Pontedera, the will is to make a peaceful demonstration in the next few days “.

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