Racism, Migros withdraws “moretti” from supermarkets



There will be no more moretti on sale at Migros, but you can continue to taste the kiss. The Swiss company has in fact decided to withdraw the product it is called Mohrenköpfe and announced it with a tweet

We have decided to remove the product from the range. The current debate here has prompted us to reassess the situation. We are aware that this decision will also lead to discussions.

Migros’ announcement comes in response to a tweet (later removed) from a user who paid attention to a term considered racist. “The name of the product has an extremely racist and not politically correct connotation” was written in the tweet, according to some newspapers

But be careful: the tasty dessert with a wafer base and a mousse wrapped in crunchy chocolate will not disappear. Migros in subsequent tweets specified that the decision concerns only a specific manufacturer -Dubler- who still calls its products with the original name. According to the company, the products in question were on sale in only two supermarkets in Zurich.

“It’s not our product, so we can’t simply rename it. This is the responsibility of the producer “, the company then pointed out in other tweets. A question of semantics – all discussed in German – since in several Migros answers sent the link to buy i kiss in its online store.

Curiously, however, in the Italian version of the site the same kisses are on sale in a section that is still called “Moretti”.


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