Racism, 6000 Sardines in Rome to say “no to violence and abuse of power”





Racism, 6000 Sardines in Rome to say no to violence and power abuse - Video - Photo

Event started with about 3000 people in the square (Video) with maximum security and rules for social distancing and health precautions. We will not be an example of massacre as manifested yesterday afternoon in Rome. “A statement from 6000 Sardines affirms it, on the day characterized by the event in Piazza del Popolo in Rome against racism and in memory of George Floyd. (Photo Gallery).

The program unfolded through a series of interventions, including that of Jasmine Cristallo and the women’s organizers of March. At 12 o’clock there were 8 minutes and 46 seconds of silence: the first 4 kneeling and the last 4 standing with the left fist high in the sky.

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