Quirinale, the race starts. Renzi: the vote could get out of hand


The Colle is well worth a government, even with the grillini. For the Pd the important goal: the Quirinale.

true, there is still a year and a half to renew the presidency of the republic, and as it always says Franceschini those who leave too early arrive too late. The race to the Colle is in fact a sort of Milan-Sanremo, which is usually decided on the Poggio ramp just a stone’s throw from the finish. But the journey that leads to the arrival is not only a transfer path, a tactical challenge for positioning. And since the current legislature brings the stigmata of the new Settennato, the competition actually started: the ex-presidents (and vice-presidents) of the Board are officially registered; the presidents (and former presidents) of the chambers; plus other institutional summits including the Consulta.

Then there is the group, which is large and can conceal the outsider. When Renzi knew that Napolitano he had decided to leave, he jokingly asked the head of state how many his possible successors were. Napolitano played the game and mentioned fifteen names: there was also Mattarella.

The Democratic Party would like to perpetuate a line of political continuity at the Quirinale, but is afraid of seeing its efforts frustrated: besides the problem of power relations, the Democrats are worried about the 101 syndrome, that this could repeat what happened in 2006 with Prodi, whose candidacy was sunk by a hundred francs shooters. Hearing that number, Renzi puts his hands forward: I’m not involved. Of mine, then, the only ones who didn’t vote for Prodi were Nardella is Richetti. For once again, the election of the head of state could get out of hand, because compared to the past there will be a director who leads the operation.

For once, the deputy secretary of the Democratic Party Orlando he seems to agree with his former leader. Since a pre-built majority for the Colle is not seen in Parliament, it could end up as in the times of the First Republic, with numerous empty votes, with flag candidates and others who would be proposed even if they knew they were going to burn them. What would a lottery be. On the other hand, in the game of the great voters Di Maio will have a role and will also Salvini: Then there is the unknown factor of Berlusconi, and if the Democratic Party remained divided as it is now – adds Renzi perfidiously – it could pay the consequences. At the Nazarene they are averting.

Meanwhile, considering scenarios, the parties begin to evaluate the two extreme cases: the broad agreement on a super-partes name at the fourth vote, or – in the absence of agreements – the conjunction of the various weaknesses, which could reproduce the same scheme with which Napolitano was re-elected in 2013. In the middle there are an infinite number of solutions and expectations, such as those told by an authoritative grill who speaks of informal chats in the Movement during which he evokes With you, who will be our reference candidate. And therefore an opponent (another) for the Democratic Party.

IlPoggio still very far away, but already at this stage every gesture is observed with the malicious perspective of the race to the Colle. For example: the melons reveals at a party meeting that Monti Did you call her to compliment some of her statements? And everyone in the room comments: He is running for the Quirinale. Casini in the Senate does Salvini defend the Gregoretti case? And everyone in the hemicycle whispered: He is running for the Quirinale. D’Alema speak to Sheet of globalization and explains that sovereignty contains the right instance of a return to sovereignty? And everyone in the Palazzo translates: He is applying again to the Quirinale. Prodi says al Courier service that I am not a candidate for the Quirinale? And all Democrats read the sentence without the non.

From now on, it will be enough to publish a book, make a film, organize a conference, write a tweet of compliments to an opponent, and anyone over the age of fifty will be entered in the race.

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