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Bonus summer camps: questions at the start on the INPS website. For some hours it has been possible to submit the application for the bonus for summer camps of 1,200 euros to be used as an alternative to the babysitter bonus as per INPS message n.2350, for children up to 12 years of age and in the period that goes from March 5 to July 31, 2020.

In truth, it is, as we know, the babysitting bonus renewed with the relaunch decree, but which can now also be used for the services of summer camps by families with children who need it.

Those who have not requested the 600 euros of the babysitter bonus introduced by the decree n.18 / 2020 Cura Italia, can request the remaining 600 euros, while those who have not yet done so can access the entire amount, a bit like what happens with the 30 days of parental leave COVID-19.

Twenty days after the publication of the relaunch decree in the Official Journal, it is finally possible for families apply for the bonus summer camps. Let’s see in detail i requirements and how to apply according to the INPS message.

Bonus summer camps, questions at the start: requirements

Summer camp bonuses: questions at the start, but first let’s see in detail What are the requirements to access it as an alternative to the sum provided for baby sitting services.

Article 72 of decree n.34 / 2020 otherwise known as the relaunch decree, as stated in the recent INPS message n.2350, introduces the possibility of being able to access the bonus for enrollment in summer camps and supplementary services for children as an alternative to baby sitting services.

Those who can access the bonus summer centers (or alternatively for babysitting) they did not submit the application for the bonus service introduced by Cura Italia and with the possibility of having an amount equal to one recognized maximum of 1,200 euros or even of 2,000 euros, depending on the sector of belonging of the applicant (the figure rises for example for health personnel).

Those who have can also access the summer camp bonus the babysitter bonus has already been requested in the previous months, for a maximum amount of 600 euros or even 1,000 euros always depending on the sector to which it belongs.

Those who want to get the second part of the bonus, using it for example to register for summer camps, can apply for integration without exceeding the maximum amount foreseen.

In this case, as stated in the INPS message, it will come the remaining amount paid taking into account what has already been received, with the possibility of continuing to benefit from the bonus for baby-sitting services through the Family Booklet, or by choosing the summer centers bonus and supplementary services for children.

To get the bonus INPS summer camps remember, among the basic requirements, that the other parent does not have to:

  • to be the earner of Naspi;
  • to be the earner of another income support tool;
  • to be unemployed;
  • be a non-worker on the date of submission of the application.

Another fundamental requirement to access the bonus summer camps and supplementary services for children is not to have gotten for the same period, the reimbursement of the crèche bonus paid by INPS.

Summer camp bonus: which workers can apply for it

Not only the requirements listed above because INPS in the message also specifies which workers can request it. Specifically, parents with children aged 12 and under who fall into these categories can apply for the summer camp bonus:

  • private sector employees;
  • registered exclusively to the separate INPS Management;
  • autonomous members of the INPS;
  • self-employed enrolled in professional funds.

The bonus can be paid, always in the period from 5 March to 31 July 2020 and for an amount that does not exceed the maximum expected of 1,200 euros or 2,000 euros, with proven enrollment in summer camps and supplementary services for children in the period of closure of school educational services.

As INPS specifies in the presence of multiple children under the age of 12, the summer center bonus (or babysitter) can be requested also for all children, but to an extent overall not exceeding 1,200 euros for the family.

The summer camp bonus is instead recognized to the maximum extent of 2,000 euros to workers dpublic and private health sector employees accredited and belonging to the following specific categories:

  • doctors;
  • nurses;
  • biomedical laboratory technicians;
  • medical radiology technicians;
  • social and health workers.

The summer camp bonus, always in the amount of 2,000 euros (1,000 for those who have already used the first part) is also due to the staff of the sector safety, defence is public aid used for needs related to the emergency epidemiological from COVID-19.

Summer camp bonuses: how to apply

Let’s see in detail now how to apply for the summer camp bonus if the required requirements are met. First of all, the parent who wants to access the babysitter bonus must connect to the dedicated service on the INPS website, which must be accessed by:

  • Ordinary PIN or device issued by INPS;
  • SPID level 2 or higher;
  • Electronic Identity Card 3.0 (CIE);
  • National Service Charter (CNS).

As INPS specifies in the message for those who do not possess any of the credentials illustrated can request the PIN to the Institute through the following channels:

  • using the service “PIN request” on the INPS website;
  • Contact Center, by calling the toll-free number 803 164 (free from the fixed network), or 06 164164 (paid from the mobile network);
  • request a SPID credential, also with remote recognition via webcam, through one of the Identity Providers accredited on

Always in the message that we attach at the end of this article, INPS writes:

“In the case of a PIN request via the Institute’s website, the first part of the PIN will be sent within 12 hours of the request via SMS. If the first part of the PIN is not received, the Institute sends an SMS informing the user of a subsequent telephone communication by the Contact Center for the verification of the data which will take place in the following 2-3 days, after to which the user can contact the Contact Center directly to validate the request. “

Once you have accessed the summer camp bonus service with your credentials, you will need to select the option new question.

Afterwards it’s important choose one of the two services for which you want to get the bonus: in our case the summer camp bonus.

At this point you will need to enter the credentials of the parent who requests it, of the son is of the other parent always pressing the button forward. The question remains saved in draft until completed (can be modified or even canceled) and of the transmission to INPS.

The summer camp bonus is credited directly to the applicant however it is necessary to attach the application to the application documentation proving the registration to the aforementioned centers or even to the structures that offer supplementary services for children. Among the possible documents we find for example:

  • the registration receipt;
  • the invoice;
  • other documentation certifying the registration.

It will also be necessary to indicate i periods registration form of the minor at the center or at the facility (minimum one week or multiple per week), which cannot go beyond the date of 31 July 2020. In addition, it must also be indicated the amount of the expense incurred or yet to support.

During the application for the summer camp bonus, the parent must also indicate:

  • the company name and VAT number (or tax code) of the structure;
  • the type of structure that houses the minor.

During the compilation phase of the application bsognerà fact select the identification code among the following types:

  • Daytime centers and activities (L);
  • Centers with educational-recreational function (LA);
  • Toy libraries (L1);
  • Social aggregation centers (LA2);
  • Centers for families (LA3);
  • Daytime social protection centers (LA4);
  • Kindergartens and services for early childhood (LB);
  • Kindergarten (LB1);
  • Supplementary or innovative services for early childhood (LB2);
  • Supplementary or innovative services for early childhood: play areas (Lb2.2);
  • Supplementary or innovative services for early childhood: parent-child centers (LB2.3).

INPS further specifies that the summer camp bonus is credited, according to the choice of the requesting parent during the application phase, on:

  • bank or postal account;
  • postal passbook;
  • prepaid card with IBAN;
  • bank transfer domiciled at the post office.

INPS specifies that the account holder associated with the IBAN, communicated in the application, must correspond to the beneficiary.

INPS occur correspondence before the accreditation of summer camp bonuses and if anomalies are found or will not give timely communication so it does to correct the error.

It still specifies the Institute that when filling out the application for the summer camp bonus if the requested amount is more than 1,000 euros it is not possible to choose the bank transfer and it will therefore be necessary to indicate a IBAN or reduce the amount requested and possibly ask another new question.

We conclude by saying that the application for the summer camp bonus can be requested not only independently through the online procedure, but also:

  • through Multichannel Contact Center service, by calling the toll-free number 803 164 from the fixed network (free of charge) or the number 06 164164 from the mobile network (for a fee, based on the rate applied by the various operators). However, it will be necessary for the user to be in possession of the access credentials to the service that we have illustrated above;
  • patronage (also electronically until the end of the state of emergency.
INPS message number 2350 of 05-06-2020
Message number 2350 of 05-06-2020 INPS for the request of the summer camp bonus of the Relaunch decree.

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