Qs Ranking, Polytechnic, Alma Mater and Sapienza: here is the best of Italian universities


June 10, 2020 – 12:02 am

In the Qs World University Ranking 2021, 36 universities gain positions. Mit still in first place ahead of Stanford and Harvard. The Polytechnic of Milan 137th, first among the Italian

of Antonella De Gregorio

The Italian universities are doing well: a good score on the report card, for many; and new promotions. In the global ranking Qs World University Rankings 2021, the most consulted in the world, now in its 17th edition, there are 36 Italian universities among the thousand selected, from 93 nations. The most relevant result is that of Politecnico di Milano, in 137th place and for the sixth consecutive year, the best university in the country, according to the opinions of 100 thousand academics and 50 thousand managers and directors of human resources surveyed worldwide. Twelve positions climbed, the result of a constant path – comment from the Milanese university – which began in 2014, the year from which the Polytechnic gained 93 positions without ever going back. Behind him, on the Italian podium, the University of Bologna, 160th, with a leap forward of seventeen positions: Considering that there are about 26 thousand universities in the world, we are among 1% of the best universities globally, they say to Alma Mater.

The Polytechnic of Milan

June 10, 2020 | 00:02


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