PS5, the writer of Dead Space and ZombiU will be at the presentation with the new project –


The writer of Dead Space, ZombiU and Shadow of Mordor, Antony Johnston, said he will be present at PS5 presentation of tomorrow with his new project. A “great game” on which he has been working for two years now. What is it about?

Actually Antony Johnston is not only the pen behind these video games (and Binary Domain), but he has also written many comics like Dare devil, Wolverine: Prodigal Son and Alex Rider. In addition to having edited the paper versions of his video games.

Through Twitter, he announced he was “working on a great video game for 2 years now“And then he added, jokingly, in the same tweet:”News completely disconnected from the previous one, I would look at thePS5 launch event this Thursday.

After a while he also shared a small detail about his project: “You will control a character who is experiencing a momentaccio“Obviously the first reaction is to think of a new Dead Space, but more or less all the characters of Johnston did not have a particularly good time, so one could be worth another.

That said, how happy would you be if IT’S AT relaunch your horror license?

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