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Some patents of SS5 appeared on the net show what theinterface of Sony’s next-gen console. The new operating system seems to work quite similar to what was seen on PlayStation 4, with some differences mainly related to the machine learnig.

Sony’s new patents show what the new PS5 interface should look like. At first glance the operating system seems very similar to that of PlayStation 4, with all the icons organized online and the options that “explode” in the part of the screen below.

What emerges from these patents is the presence and how it worksartificial intelligence based on machine learning which should automatically suggest to players how to pass a certain point in a game or how to unlock a trophy. We told you about it on this occasion.

From these patents you can see how the game icon will show our statistics (such as kills, points and level), but it will also give you the possibility to directly access advice video or text to achieve certain game objectives. The system seems to be able to automatically calculate what to show, studying the way we play to offer advice not only on where to go, but also on the keys to press.

The gameplay will be extracted from the matches of other players who managed to successfully overcome the same point and just press a button to consult this video before jumping into the game.

Otherwise everything seems quite familiar, despite the schematic icons do not make it clear if there are big differences regarding the style or colors of this interface.

Tomorrow, however, we should know more: the Sony conference is upon us and we hope this will be shown as many other details on PlayStation 5. We will follow the event with a long direct marathon: stay with us.





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