PS5, the possibility of postponing the presentation event and the obtuse of the anti-politically correct –


Today it is difficult to talk about video games, partly because there are no topics and partly because the world is in flames, between the pandemic, the people of Hong Kong who fight not to definitively bow to China, in the indifference of almost the whole planet, and the USA that are crossed by demonstrations and clashes, which have reached the White House, so much so that Trump he had to burrow himself underground in a maximum security bunker, for fear that some demonstrator would visit him in the oval study. Some would say that they are days in which history is being made, although in reality history is being made day by day even when nothing relevant seems to happen. However, there is no doubt that events are underway that we will read about in the years to come and that, for this reason, deserve careful reflection and great caution in commenting on them. Our work is certainly not that of historians, so it is better not to go too far into problems to which, however, we could never dedicate the right space.

THE video games what have to do with all this, most people will say. Little in appearance, much in substance. Partly because they are part of the world too, despite the fact that they aim to represent other worlds and partly because those who use it derive part of their person from them, whether they accept it or not. In these hours the possibility of moving some highly anticipated events such as the presentation of PS5 on June 4 to a later date due to the clashes in the USA has been feared. As you know the protests are born in Minneapolis, Minnesota, frommurder of George Floyd committed by police officer Derek Chauvin, who kept him on the ground pressing his knee on his neck for 8 minutes and 46 seconds, impassive in the face of the victim’s pleadings who asked him several times to get up because he was stifling. The fault of Floyd seems to have been only that of having tried to pay a trader with a fake banknote (fact not yet proven and in any case not worthy of such a brutal death). Together with Chauvin there were three other agents: Thomas K. Lane and J. Alexander Kueng, who kept Floyd immobilized, and Tou Thao, who prevented any external rescue. In short, the fact was filmed and ended up on the net, sparking protests first in Minneapolis, then across the country, protests that grew in size and intensity when Trump decided to be a bad sheriff involving the National Guard.

In the face of a similar chaos it is normal that all those who operate in society and who have some visibility have taken a stand, some in a more clear-cut way, others in a more nuanced way, as is also normal for you to consider what to do with your events . It therefore makes you laugh a little to read that, should you decide to postpone the presentation event of SS5 in order not to overlap the protests, Sony would have succumbed to politically correctthat is, to pressure from minorities. In all this history the politically correct has nothing to do with it and it is frankly obtuse to bring it up.

In the case of Sony decides to postpone the presentation event of PS5 would be only for a matter of opportunity and visibility: it is about to show its new console, which has to be on the market for years and which is about to deal with very fierce opponents, so it wants the first impact real with potential buyers is the best possible. Maybe present it while the attention of all its most important market, the US one, is focused on anti-racism demonstrations and could the president locked up in a bunker be counterproductive? This is up to Sony executives to decide. We of ours hope that he will not postpone anything, but in case he does we would certainly not go looking for the reasons in our prejudices.

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