PS5: Sony renews the Gran Turismo brand, a new announcement coming soon?


As you surely know, over the past few months we have often talked about the Next-Gen, with Microsoft and Sony who will have to wage war on their respective Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5, two consoles highly anticipated by fans who, however, currently they still have several questions behind them, in particular as regards the home console of the Japanese company. Sony had in fact recently announced a PS5-themed event that should have finally shed light on the news expected at Sony, which however has never arrived.

With the protests that are devastating the US these days, Sony has in fact decided to postpone everything until a later date, a sudden change of plans that violently split the public, between those who appreciated the choice and those who, on the contrary, considered it substantially useless. In the meantime, while we await new information on this matter, the rumors about what we should have seen on the occasion of the presentation of PS5, an avalanche of corridor rumors among which also Gran Turismo, went on increasing.

According to what some users discovered, who then shared various links and documents directly on Gematsu, Sony allegedly re-filed the trademark registrations on the Gran Turismo franchise and on the team that has always worked on the brand – or Polyphony Digital – on June 4, the day when the Japanese company should have held its PS5-themed event, a coincidence to say the least fortuitous and that led many to think that the opportunity would have been used precisely to present a new chapter of the IP.

After all, that of Gran Turismo is not only one of the most important brands of Sony, but it is also one of the most requested by fans, who have missed the brand on PlayStation 4 despite the parenthesis of Gran Turismo Sport. In short, what the public wants is a new all-round chapter, that Gran Turismo 7 that hasn’t been heard of yet. Obviously, Sony has not made any statements on the matter, so we advise you to take it all as a mere rumor, pending information that will probably only come when Sony holds its long-awaited presentation.

If in these weeks you don’t have to know what to play, we remind you that the highly anticipated The Last of Us Part 2 will soon arrive in stores, a title that you can buy directly on Amazon.

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