PS5 Reveal Day, here is the calendar of the Marathon of for the reveal of PlayStation 5 –


Here is the complete calendar of the marathon that tomorrow 11 June 2020 will dedicate to PS5 Reveal Day, ie the presentation event of PlayStation 5, highly anticipated by the whole gamer community.

As you can see by scrolling through the list below, there will be some of us guests very prestigious. It begins at 10:00 with a special coffee break in which many editors will intervene, including Aligi Comandini and Francesco Serino. At 11:00 an old acquaintance of will return to find us: Antonio “Tanzen” Fucito, for years the PlayStation man of the site, who will introduce the series dedicated to the history of PlayStation, which will end at 18:00. So at 19:00 there will be a special edition of Il Salottino, in which we will talk about PlayStation 5 and which will give way to 20:00 at Waiting for PS5, in which the great will intervene Gianluca “Ualone” Loggia. Finally at 22:00 there will be the reveal of the console with Pierpaolo Greco and Umberto Moioli, while the post-event comments will be entrusted to Emanuele, Francesco, Alessio, Vincenzo and Aligi.

So let’s read the complete calendar of the day:

  • [10:00] Special Coffee Break PLAYSTATION 5 with the Editorial Staff (Pierpaolo, Umberto, Vincenzo, Emanuele, Francesco, Aligi, Luca Forte, Luca Porro, Alessandra and Christian
  • [11:00] The PlayStation Story with Vincenzo, Francesco and Antonio “Tanzen” Fucito
  • [13:00] The history of PlayStation 2 with Aligi and Alessandra
  • [15:00] The history of PlayStation 3 with Emanuele, Vincenzo and Yuri Polverino
  • [17:00] The history of PlayStation 4 with Aligi, Francesco and Fabio “Kenobit” Bortolotti
  • [19:00] The sitting room awaits PlayStation 5
  • [20:00] Waiting for PS5 with Pierpaolo, Umberto, Gianluca “Ualone” Loggia, IlGattoSulTubo
  • [22.00] PS5 reveal with Pierpaolo and Umberto
  • [23:00] PostShow PlayStation 5 with Emanuele, Francesco, Alessio, Vincenzo and Aligi

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