PS5: price and date appear on Amazon France?


Sony has not yet revealed the official price of SS5, but in these hours a new indiscretion has emerged about the (alleged) price of the new platform.

Amazon France has in fact listed – and then remove it shortly after – PlayStation 5, at the price of 499 €, with an expected release on November 20.

Recall that it could be a simple placeholder, in the absence of a confirmation from Sony.

Recall that Amazon had already proposed on the PS5 page a rather high provisional price of £ 599, equal to over 660 euros. But not only: the well-known Play-Asia online store (specialized in products from Japan and neighboring countries) had briefly updated the console page (even opening the pre-orders) with a very precise price, that is £ 585, around 645 EUR.

The price of Amazon France it is therefore currently the lowest ever, considering also that the image refers to the version including optical reader (not, therefore, Digital Only). We will keep you posted.

Have you already read that the historic PlayStation symbols, namely triangle, circle, square and X, seem to be repeated on the basic texture applied to the DualSense and the console, for a truly surprising final effect?

Always Spaziogames We also revealed to you that Sony has recently returned to talk about backward compatibility (providing some details about how PS4 games support will work on PS5), in addition to the substantial differences between the console edition with optical reader and the exclusively digital one.

Finally, if you want to take a look at the next-gen games shown on 11 July at the Future of Gaming event, find the complete recap of the announcements on our pages!

If all this talk about next-gen and PlayStation has given you some appetite, we remind you that you can find the 500GB PS4 on special offer by clicking at this address.

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