PS5: less powerful and more cumbersome than Xbox Series X


Yesterday evening we attended the Future of Gaming, what on paper was only to be an appointment dedicated to the games of PlayStation 5. However, as a great surprise, Sony wanted to definitively reveal the design of its next generation console. PS5 has been able to amaze everyone with its unexpected shapes, even if for the moment the details on the actual dimensions of the console are not well known.

Obviously, it did not take much, and the web is already starting to discuss the respective dimensions of PS5 and Xbox Series X. The former Microsoft has also intervened Albert Penello, who in his tweet said: “Today we live in a world where a PlayStation hardware is bigger and at the same time offers a less powerful GPU and CPU than an Xbox hardware. I don’t want to be a fanboy, and this doesn’t even want to be a prediction about the commercial success of consoles. I’m just saying 20 years ago I never thought it would be possible. “

To take up Penello’s statements there was then Aaron Greenberg of Xbox Game Studios, who did not just retweet the former colleague’s thoughts, but also wanted to add his own vision of what was said previously. According to Greenberg’s words, he had never seen it from this perspective, recognizing however that what Penello said is certainly something certainly interesting.

At the moment Sony has not wanted to release the size of PS5, so it is very difficult to understand how much the two next generation consoles will differ in size. Certainly, after years of very similar design, the next gen of Sony and Microsoft seems to be going in two very different and unique directions in terms of design. What do you think of Penello’s statements?

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